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There are some in the industry who will suggest that what you ask for is impossible. It has always been our privilege to prove so many of them wrong. 

To say that Naco is responsible for metal louvres, glass louvres and natural air ventilators, is to understate the far-reaching opportunities this specialist division has presented clients nationwide since the early sixties. But it is useful shorthand for this one part of the Ruskin jigsaw.

“Quality means doing it right, when no-one is looking.”
— David Fitzpatrick - Sales Director

For many clients, one single attribute distances Naco from other louvre manufacturers.

It’s the fact that we do everything - design, detail, supply and install.

It’s also our guarantee that every brief will be met in full. From required function to final style, colour and finish. With nothing left to chance and the potential to design a flattering architectural feature in addition to ventilation and screening control. One thing we don’t do is baffle clients with our expertise, employing it instead to devise a no-nonsense online program to help them answer questions about size, velocities and free areas. Call us old-fashioned in that we believe our clients know best what they want. 

Our purpose is to know best how to deliver those expectations.

Unlike most UK glass/metal louvre companies, we design, draw, supply and install allowing architects and designers to create a pleasing architectural feature ventilation or screening control within the external cladding. 

To meet with the demands of a changing market, a thorough programme of product testing and development, led by the group engineering and design team, is ongoing to enhance the existing range, improve standards and introduce new products. Many prestigious projects have already seen the advantages of utilising the specialist skills attained by Naco. Through a combination of manufacturing experience and practical expertise, we are able to offer creative air solutions for most applications. 

Selection of Naco products

Since the early sixties we have followed this customer-first philosophy from our original glass louvres through to the standard and high performance metal louvres and natural ventilation equipment that led to the introduction of our very latest double-glazed systems, which has been adopted in many of the new schools projects. This confident can-do approach also pioneered the practical software program on our website that takes the hassle out of sizing louvres and gives customers a welcome opportunity to forget about things like face, jet or core velocities and free areas. This customer-friendly program does it all, reflecting our own unique stance in the marketplace.

It’s this user-friendly approach that characterises Naco’s problem-solving capacity in combating the challenges of modern building design in its equally determined search for new ideas and initiatives.