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Naco Product Vengen 28 Double Glazed Thermal Break Louvre Window

Vengen 28 Double Glazed Thermal Break Louvre Window

Vengen 28 Double Glazed Thermal Break Louvre Window

Vengen 28

Vengen 28 can be made to fit to all sizes from (240 mm W x 319 mm H min) to (1500 mm W x 3350 mm H max), and offers a wide choice of glass, insulated panels, control options and finishes.

• Manual Control
• (Anti-Finger) trap
• Fail Safe Open / Close
• Control Panels

Vengen28 is a high quality, double glazed thermal break aluminium louvre window system offering unique solutions for all your natural and smoke ventilation needs.

It incorporates all the benefits of our previous Weatherbeta 32 - but with improved looks, enhanced features and 'best-in-class' performance. Available in bespoke sizes, and in an extensive range of colours and finishes, it's both fit for purpose - and fits to your exact building requirements.

In today's environmentally conscious economy, Vengen28 provides a natural, cost effective and low carbon solution to ventilation in modern buildings. It represents the culmination of years of design excellence from Naco, one of the world's leading suppliers of creative air solutions. Providing a one-stop solution embracing both design and bespoke installation, Naco has unrivalled manufacturing experience and practical expertise in the louvre market. We're a pioneer and an innovator who is able to meet individual needs, yet has the backing and resources of an established international group.


As well as using high quality materials, Vengen 28 has been subject to a range of independent tests, including:

• Air & Water tightness
• Aerodynamics & weathering

We also carry out rigorous in-house life cycle tests on all moving components so you can be confident of long-life reliability.

To give a high quality finish, the Vengen 28 frame and louvre blade sections are made from extruded aluminium grade 6063T6 alloy, to BS EN 755 standard. Thermal break material is made from extruded polyamide 6.6 reinforced glass fibre. To give added air and water tightness, a rubber (flipper) seal is fitted to the glazing bars, with brush seals for the jamb sections.

Similarly, an extensive choice of frame border options means Vengen 28 can be adapted to most applications, such as curtain walling and brick-block structural openings.

Download the new Vengen 28 louvre window fixing instructions.


Incorporating several new features and stateof- the-art design, the Vengen28 offers natural and passive smoke ventilation, either manual or motor operation and a wide choice of attractive finishes. It's also designed for easy installation, and even easier glass replacement. Taken together, it gives you the total ventilation and architectural solution.


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