Our ideas. Built with you in mind.

When someone says it can’t be done, they’ve obviously not spoken to us. So if anyone in the industry suggests that you are asking for the impossible, it will always be our privilege to prove them wrong yet again.

From start to finish

Because unlike most UK louvre companies, we design, detail, supply and install. So not only do our products match your requirements precisely in terms of function but also in style, finish and colour. This determination to see things through to the finished result gives architects and designers a unique opportunity to create outstanding ventilation features or screening controls within the external cladding. And our can-do attitude makes those satisfied clients come back to us time and time again.

Since the early sixties this customer-first philosophy has been enshrined in all our activities. Blended with manufacturing experience and practical expertise honed over almost half a century, it has seen Naco define everything from metal and glass louvres, natural air and smoke ventilators to mist separators, sunscreens and brise soleil.

Past, present and future

But user friendliness isn’t the only challenge facing building design today. Increasingly environmental friendliness is now a design pre-condition, reflecting a growing duty to protect the natural environment whilst controlling our own internal environments. Learning to harness nature’s elements to our advantage rather than simply fighting against them is now driving forward our engineering and design teams more than ever.

An ideal environment