Grand design puts house in the shade.

Naco has supplied bespoke louvres to a stunning new home that was featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs programme in September.

State-of-the-art Sylvan Glade is a highly unusual residential home in Kent. Aesthetics and design considerations were key to the specification, so Naco’s products had to meet exacting standards of form and shape determined by the architect.

Replacing a Georgian Style house, built in the 1950s as part of an exclusive development, Sylvan Glade was constructed by Innovate Space, on behalf of Modillion homes. In stark contrast to its neighbours, the new property is very modern in design, with 90 per cent of its structure made up of glass.

Naco’s louvres provide an attractive screen and solar shading for a bedroom balcony at the back of the building.

 “Apart from shielding the back bedroom from the suns glare, Naco’s louvre system was chosen for its aesthetic merits”, explained Stephen Smithers from Innovate Space. “Most louvre blades available are flat, but Naco’s are shaped like an aerofoil wing, perfectly complimenting the look of the property.

Clean lines

“Much to the dismay of the architect, Building Regulations stipulated that some kind of screening from the neighbours had to be installed, affecting the clean lines of Sylvan Glade’s design. Thanks to the high-end spec and appearance of Naco’s louvres, the architect was kept happy and the building’s aesthetic wasn’t compromised,” he concluded.

Naco designed, manufactured and installed 22 ellipsoidal blades, with shaped end-plates. The blades provide decorative seclusion and a functional vertical sunscreen. A challenging project owing to the curved design of the building, each blade had to be set at a different orientation in order to achieve the desired effect.

Detail is included at the head and cill of the blades, which allows them to be adjusted into their final position, as well as providing flexibility should future modifications be required.

The building was also built with energy efficiency in mind, and Naco’s louvres reduce solar heat gains. In Northern latitudes, such as the UK, the sun is lower, resulting in more exposure for vertical glazing to the sun’s warmth. With increasing emphasis on controlled internal environments and the need for reduced energy consumption, planning for solar gains is necessary, even in air conditioned buildings.

In addition, the house includes an extremely efficient gas boiler, underfloor heating, heat recovery air handling and a ventilation system. The whole house is controlled by a microprocessor.

Stepping up to the challenge of a truly one-off development, Sylvan Glade is an excellent example of Naco’s expertise at providing bespoke solutions to high-end, architecturally led projects.