Sound Attenuating Acoustic Louvre

NAL150 Render 1mx1m.jpg
NAL150 Render 1mx1m.jpg

Sound Attenuating Acoustic Louvre

Key Features

Sound data is produced from tests carried out in the a specialist sound lab and is based on ASTM E90-90 and classified in accordance with ASTM E413-87.



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Frames fabricated from 18g zinc plated sheet

Blades fabricated from 22 g sheet with 16g perforated sheet

Acoustic material Rockwool RW3 


Maximum single panel 150 deep & 300 chevron 1500mm x 1500mm

Maximum single panel 300 deep & 600 chevron 1500mm x 1130mm 


Drawing & Fixing instructions

Download document (PDF)


General Fixing Guide (all Louvres)

Fixing Guide (PDF)