DB50 - 'A' Class Slim Double Bank Storm Louvre

DB50 Render 1mx1m.jpg
DB50 Render 1mx1m.jpg

DB50 - 'A' Class Slim Double Bank Storm Louvre

Key Features

The DB50 storm louvres are not just pleasing to the eye - they are also remarkably efficient and provide the very highest level of weather protection for buildings and plants linear system.

This A-rated storm louvre is thinner and more effective than before and our engineers squeezed this performance into a super-shallow 51mm aluminium louvre frame that eases fitting in restricted wall spaces and narrow window units.

Our DB50 storm louvre has been designed with optimum blade pitch which minimises the penetration of wind-driven rain, reducing potential damage and operating expenses. 

The Louvre uses aluminium construction for low maintenance and high resistance to corrosion. The DB50’s double bank blade design also has the additional benefit of making this louvre non-vision

Manufactured in Britain.

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DB50 Product Specification


43% Free Area
A3 @ 2.4m/s Weather Rating
Cd Coefficient 0.22

DB50 Louvre Products

DB50 Louvre panel
DB50 Louvre door
Bespoke shapes available (Contact us for more details)


Extruded aluminium grade ENAW 6063T6 to BSEN 755 -1 and -9
Individual blades screw fixed to frame for added security (panellised system)


A or AC fixing frame
25 or 28mm glazing frame
Rear mounted stiffener bars are fitted as standard to louvres over 1.2m in width


Bird or insect mesh
Fixing details
Blanking panel
Bespoke options


Polyester power coated to BS6496
Mill finish
Anodised to BS3987
Anolok Finish


This storm louvre can be produced, as a panel from just 152mm x 152mm to a maximum size of 1500mm x 2500mm. (Louvres larger than this require on site assembly)