NVLogiQ PSU Control Panel

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NVLogiQ PSU Control Panel

Key Features

The NVLogiQ PSU is an adaptive natural ventilation single zone control panel and can be networked in multi zone projects. The control panel can also be linked directly to the NVLogiQ Room Controller to operate the Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs) based on changing internal and external conditions, acting as the Building Management System, to provide a specific adaptive natural ventilation control strategy for the building environment.

Alternatively, the NVLogiQ PSU can operate on a stand alone basis operating on manual switches or can be connected to the BMS to operate the AOV’s as required. The NVLogiQ PSU can be installed into new and refurbished buildings where there is a focus on indoor air quality and energy saving. The physical size and appearance has been purposely designed to enable surface mounting for new and refurbishment projects.


  • Class 1Supply: 230V ac 50/60 Hz from a fused unswitched spur
  • 6A Variant - NPS 0001 0002Input: 100-120VAC 3.5A 200-240VAC 2.0A
  • Real time clock battery average life 10 years
  • Note: For 115VAC Operation, the mains input voltage selection switch must be set on the internal power supplyOutput: 6A max derating to 70% load from +50 to +70°C)



  • Rating: IP20
  • Humidity Range: 10 to 90% Non-Condensing
  • Storage: -20 to + 75 °C
  • Operating temp: -10 to + 50 °C


  • Dimensions: 251.15 (excluding glands) x 191.2 x 56.3mm
  • Cable entry: via five 20mm end mounted cable glands
  • 0-10V signals must remain stable and spike free for 2sec period before the controller will respond to them. 
  • In 10% step mode, the controller only responds to 0-10V signals in steps of whole volts 250mV.
  • In 5% step mode, each step is half a vent.
  • NVLogiQ PSU Control Panel 6A Part No: Nps 0001 0002

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