OS2 PSU Control Panel

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OS2 PSU Control Panel

Key Features

Control Panel featuring a 24V dc3 0A/60A/90A/120/150A Switch Mode Power Supply via 4/8/12/16 separate fused outputs. These can be individually controlled by 4 separate inputs.

  • Auxiliary output for powering control circuitry.
  • Increased functionality available through the addition of the OS2 power & control board.
  • Mainly used for larger single zone systems
  • The power supply unit is battery backed in mains power failure.
  • The unit is tested to comply fully with the principles of EN12101-10 
  • Compliant to applicable regulations.



  • 912W Output power
  • Individually fused power outputs
  • 120/240V input



  • Rating: IP30
  • Fan cooled (Thermostatically controlled)
  • High efficiency (typically > 80%)


  • Battery back up facility with low standby current (Operation at elevated temperatures may reduce battery life)
  • LED status indicators & status outputs provided

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