OS2 Shevtec Controller

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OS2 Shevtec Controller

Key Features

The OS2 SHEVTEC Controller is an intelligent 24V dc control system designed to drive 2-wire 24V dc actuators in a smoke control and/or environmental ventilation system. It’s CE Marked and tested to EN12101-10.

Operating from a 230V ac 5.0A supply, the OS2 SHEVTEC Controller can deliver up to 8A to drive 24V motorised actuators and magnetic catches.

Battery backup is provided for continued operation a er a mains supply failure.

OS2 SHEVTEC Controller can be mounted locally to the devices to be operated or in a centralised plant room location. Each SHEVTEC Controller can be operated independently or can be linked to others to produce a networked control system. The networked control system in turn can operate standalone or be linked to a building management system.


• Supply 230V ac 50/60 Hz from a 5A fused unswitched spur

• Output nominal 24V dc 2-Channels combined output not to exceed 8A

• Backup battery 2 x 12 V dc 7.0Ah sealed lead-acid batteries

• Battery standby time 72 hours with maximum 40mA standby drain on

PER permanent*

• Expected battery life 3+ years @ 25°C

• Real time clock battery life is 10 years


• IP rating 30

• Humidity range 10 to 90% Noncondensing

• Storage -20 to +50°C

• Operating temperature for Control Panel (not including batteries) -5 to 40°C**


• Dimensions 364.5 x 337.8 x 128.4mm

• Mass approx 13kg

• Cable entry is via 15 x 20mm end mounted cable glands and/or one rear entry slot for concealed connection

• Internal temperature sensor installed to provide optimal battery charging compensation as the ambient temperature changes.

• *Standby drain current comprises of enabled re inputs, communication cards, and other loads connected to PER. **Operation at elevated temperatures may reduce battery life.proof.

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