Vengen²⁸ - Double glazed Louvre Window


Vengen²⁸ - Double glazed Louvre Window

Key Features


  • CE Marked
  • EN12101-2 Tested
  • Best in class performance
  • Slim Sightlines
  • Range of Control Options
  • Internal glass replacement

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Slim sightlines. Class leading performance.

Vengen²⁸ is a high quality, double glazed and thermally broken aluminium louvre window system offering a unique solution for both natural and smoke ventilation applications.

An evolution in louvre design.

Incorporating several new features and state-of-the- art design, the Vengen²⁸ offers natural and smoke ventilation, in either manual or motorised operation, in bespoke sizes and in a wide range of attractive finishes. It’s also designed for easy installation, and even easier glass replacement. 

In today’s environmentally conscious economy, Vengen²⁸ provides a natural, cost effective and low carbon solution to ventilation in modern buildings. It represents the culmination of years of design excellence from Naco, one of the world’s leading suppliers of creative air solutions.

Taken together, it gives you the total ventilation – and architectural – solution.



Bespoke design

Vengen²⁸ offers a wide choice of glass, insulated panels, finishes, and control options including an IP65 drive for external maintenance. We can also design and manufacture multiple panel units which can be coupled on site.

Class-leading performance

In independent tests, Vengen²⁸ is rated highly in terms of air and water tightness and heat retention.

Exceptionally high aerodynamic free area

The technical benefits of Vengen²⁸ mean that considerably smaller openings are required than for traditonal bottom hung / side hung windows, giving design and architectural flexibility.

Ease of installation/replacement

Vengen²⁸ is delivered fully assembled, with the glass supplied separately. This allows for ease of handling and installation. Glazing gasket is used to fit the glass and makes for easier ‘mastic free’ replacement should breakages occur.


As well as using high quality materials, Vengen²⁸ has been subject to a range of independent tests, including: Air and Water tightness; Aerodynamics and weathering; Heat and Smoke (EN12101-2) and CE Marking.

We also carry out rigorous in-house life cycle tests on all moving components so you can be confident of long-life reliability.

Total control over the internal environment

All motors can be easily integrated within Building Management Systems, and are fully compatible with our range of Naco temperature, CO2 , wind and rain sensors and control panels.

Improved looks

Slimmer sections and attractive mitre joints add visual appeal without compromising performance.


By deflecting incoming air, the louvre blades minimise ‘gusting’ for maximum occupant comfort. Vengen28 can also be opened for trickle venting during inclement weather.


Product options.

Vengen²⁸ comes with an extensive range of options to help meet all your design requirements, whatever the building needs.

Frame and glazing bars

To give a high quality finish, the Vengen²⁸ frame and louvre blade sections are made from extruded aluminium grade 6063T6 alloy, to BS EN 755 standard. Thermal break material is made from extruded polyamide 6.6 reinforced glass fibre. To give added air and water tightness, a rubber ‘flipper’ seal is fitted to the glazing bars, with brush seals for the jamb sections.

Similarly, an extensive choice of frame border options means Vengen²⁸ can be adapted to most applications, such as curtain walling and brick-block structural openings.


The double glazed thickness of 28mm gives excellent thermal performance. To complement your building design, it is available in a range of colours, tints and specifications – including toughened, laminated and argon filled glass. We can also provide a choice of insulation panels where glass isn’t needed or suitable.


Vengen²⁸ can be provided in manual or automated format.

  • Manual - A choice of either lever operation (by hand or drop rod), provided complete with full locking facility.
  • Motorised controls - 24V DC electric actuators give a choice of automated operation from simple open / close switches through to a fully 0-10- v modulating control working with a full BMS or stand alone control system.


To give you choice and longer life, Vengen²⁸ is available in a wide range of polyester powder coated paint colours, and also with a large choice of anodised finishes, including black and bronze.


Vengen²⁸ Technical summary.

Frame construction

Thermally broken frame and louvre blades 


28mm o/a float, toughened, laminated or optional 28mm o/a double skinned insulated panel. 


Standard handle for use by hand, pole, or drop rod 

Motorised via 24V d.c. 


Polyester powder coating (RAL range) AnodisedAnodised 


240mm - 1500mm single panel sizes + additional options for sizing 


319mm - 3350mm single panel sizes 

Frame depth


Aerodynamic efficiency Cd


Free area %

44% - 70% 

Air Leakage At 50 Pa

Area of louvre 

0.6 m3/h/m2 Class 4 

Length of joint 

0.1 m3/h/m Class 4 

Water leakage

Zero leakage up to 150 pa 

Thermal value (U)

2.1 W/m2/K 

Louvre pitch


Maximum Acoustic rating

38 dB (Rw) 

Impact test

Class 5 to BS EN 13049: 2003 (c/w toughened laminated glass) 

Barrier test

Horizontal UDL - Pass 

Point load - Pass to BS 6180: 2011 and BS 6399 - 1: 1996