Blade Selection Guide.

Most of our louvre products (panel louvres, continuous louvres, penthouse louvres and louvred doors) can be made with a range of blade profiles.

The performance data below will assist you in selecting the right blade profile for you application.

Blade Performance Comparisons

Pressure Loss

Pressure Loss (Pa) vs Face velocity (m/s)

Free Area % Louvre Comparison.

Cd Value - Louvre Comparison

Blade descriptions and applications.

Use in sheltered areas and where water entry will not damage the building fabric. Also used for screen walling (with blanking plates fitted) and plantroom screens.

Standard 50/75/100 Series Louvres.

50+Series+Louvre+Render copy.jpg

A superior design providing a very high level of water protection unmatched by other single bank systems

SLH-S Storm louvre Horizontal blade

Top of the range performance louvres for use where ‘dry room’ conditions are required. Unmatched by any competitive design, offering superb aerodynamic and water rejection properties.

The vertical blade design provides exceptional resistance to wind driven rain. Ideal for areas where rain is required to be kept out of the building.

The remarkable performance is due to the carefully researched profile – this allows air to pass, but diverts and captures water particles and prevents water ingress even under the most extreme conditions.

SLV-S Storm louvres Vertical blade sight proof.

A simple ‘glaze’ in louvre, suitable for use in sheltered situations.